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March 15, 2011’s intense SOLEJOB leads to a very EXPLOSIVE CUMMY ENDING!!! Her constant SOLE STROKING his THROBBING COCK makes him SPRAY CUM all over her SOLES!!! She uses her SOFT SOLES to PUMP out every drop of SPERM out of his SHAFT!!! The way Vanessa SLIDES her SLIPPERY SOLES up and down his POLE will leave you SPEECHLESS!!! She continues to RUB her SOLES all around his COCK long after he SPILLS his JIZZ!!! THIS IS ANOTHER CLASSIC SOLEJOB CLIP!!!! AMAZING!!!


March 15, 2011'S%20SOLEJOB%20N%20HANDJOB.gif

This has to be one of our best SOLEJOB clips we have ever filmed up to date!!! The close-up SOLE shots are phenominal!!!! Hope starts out by giving him the ULTIMATE SOLEJOB….RUBBING her SOFT JUICY SOLES up and down his POLE!!!! She gives him this SOLEJOB in every position and angle that you can imagine!!! Then she places her SOLES directly in the camera while giving him a WONDERFUL HANDJOB!!! While she JERKS his COCK her SOLES sit right in the camera shot so you can see her SOLES at all times!!!! When the combination of her SOLES directly in his FACE and her STROKING his COCK in her HANDS become too overwhelming….he BLOWS his LOAD!!!! He leaves her HANDS dripping wet with CUM!!!! She still TEASES the camera with her SOLES..even after he EXPLODES!!!! THIS CLIP IS DEFINETLY A CLASSIC AND SOMETHING ALL FOOTJOB LOVERS SHOULD HAVE!!!! IT WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS!!!!


December 10, 2009
Noelle's Footjob n handjob

Noelle's Footjob n handjob

Noelle knows how to use her FEET and HANDS like no other model before!!! She begins by giving him an AMAZING FOOTJOB with her beautiful FEET!! She has his COCK trapped in between her SOLES and she doesn’t plan on letting it go!!! She FOOT STROKES and TOE MASSAGES his SHAFT until he is about to go completely INSANE!!! Then she GRABS his COCK in her HANDS and JERKS all the CUM out of it!!!! She JERKS him off SLOW and then extremely FAST making the CUM SPILL all over her pretty HANDS!!!! She doesn’t stop giving him this HANDJOB until she is completely sure all his SPERM has been released!!!! THIS CLIP IS ANOTHER CLASSIC!!!!!!


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